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Please complete the form below to arrange a booking.

This is an agreement between Woombye School of Arts, 1-3 Hill Street, Woombye (the Hirer) and...

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The Leasee will pay Woombye School of Arts the total hire fee and a fully refundable security bond of $250 or $500 for larger events.

(a) Full payment of the fee is required to secure the booking.

(b) Payment is in exchange for use of Venue floor space, conveniences, chairs, tables, and kitchen facilities and equipment.

(c) Crockery is available at no extra cost – washing up and storage is the Leasee's responsibility.

Woombye School of Arts' Obligations

Woombye School of Arts will:

(a) Maintain public liability insurance in respect of the Venue. However, hirers are required to hold their own Public Liability Insurance except that casual hirers may opt to pay a fee of $50 per hire to be covered under the Woombye School of Arts policy.

(b) Ensure that the Venue is in a clean condition, and any pre-existing damage to the fixtures or fittings of the Venue shall be noted as a schedule attached to this agreement and signed by both parties.

(c) Ensure that the Leasee has access to the Venue at all times during the term of hire.

(d) Provide the following staff for assistance: Booking Officer 0427 066 274

Leasee's Obligations

The Leasee will:

(a) clean and tidy the Venue (and the surrounds) at the end of the term of hire and use its best efforts to maintain the Venue in the condition it was in at the commencement of the term of hire, subject to usual wear and tear.

(b) allow the Woombye School of Arts and its employees, agents and licensees all reasonable access to the Venue.

(c) Secure public liability insurance appropriate for the event and utilise the Venue for the agreed purpose.