Frequently asked questions

Like to know more about hiring one of our community halls in Woombye? Read below or feel free to contact us.

How much is the hall to hire?

Both halls are $25 per hour for casual hire and $20 per hour for *regulars.

The halls can be booked from 5am to midnight seven days per week. This fee is subject to change and notice will be given in advance of any increase.

*Regulars are a person or group who rent the hall once a month or more.

A $40 key deposit is charged for regular hirers. This is returned when hire ceases.

A non-refundable fee of $50 is charged for casual hires where the hirer does not have their own Public Liability insurance. This helps alleviate the high insurance cost incurred by the hall.

How much is the bond?

The bond is $250, however, for larger events the bond is $500.

The bond is refundable when the key is returned, and the hall is left clean and tidy. This means all balloons, decorations, etc must be removed. Any items used must be washed and stored away in the cupboards provided. Tables or chairs should be restacked into the furniture cupboard. All foodstuffs need to be removed from the kitchen, including from the refrigerator. Floors need to be swept and mopped with hot water (no soap or detergent) and all kitchen surfaces wiped down. Brooms, bucket, and mop are provided and are in the kitchen area. Cleaning extends to any litter or cigarette butts that may have been dropped outside the entrance.

Are there any cancellation fees if I choose not to use the hall?

Dependent upon how much notice is given the following cancellation fees may apply.

  • Failure to give notice of cancellation may result in the full hire fee being charged and is non-refundable.

  • If less than 7 days’ notice of cancellation is given, a cancellation fee of 50% of the hire fee may be charged.

  • For regular bookings more than 7 days’ notice to terminate will result in no cancellation fee being charged.

  • For casual bookings of 4 hours or more a deposit of 50% of the total hire fee is required to secure the booking. If the booking is cancelled too close to the day, this deposit is non-refundable.

How many people can the Halls accommodate?

Each Hall can easily seat 100 people either for meetings or seated at tables.

When am I required to return the key?

All keys must be returned immediately on the cessation of hire.

They can be left in the mailbox on the southeast corner of the Main Hall.

When can I gain access for setting up?

15 minutes prior to the commencement of your booking time is allowed at no extra charge.

15 minutes at the end of your booking time is allocated for clean up and pack up at no charge.

Can I hire the hall for parties?

Parties and weddings are welcome subject to bond and insurance requirements.

We are unable to hire the hall for children’s parties, older teenage and 21st birthday parties, buck’s nights, or hen’s parties.

Can I book extra time so I can set up before my function?

Yes, if the venue is available.

The cost is still charged at the standard hourly rate.

Can I hire the hall for a buck's night party?

No, our hall is not available for buck's night celebrations.

Is alcohol allowed?

Yes. Alcohol is permitted inside the premises but cannot in any circumstances be sold at the facility.

The responsibility for the use of alcohol is that of the hirer.

Is catering available?

No, we do not organise food catering, we only hire the space.

Is the Woombye Hall a smoking venue?

No. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises of the hall.

Furthermore, butts are not to be discarded around the entrance ramp.

Are plates and glasses provided?

Crockery and cutlery are available at no extra cost.

Where is the car park?

Parking is available in Hill Street.

Are tables and chairs provided?

Each hall has the following:

  • 20 trestle tables seating 8 each.

  • 100 stackable plastic chairs.

Does the hall have disabled access?

Yes. For the Main Hall only, a ramp leads directly to the street.

There are disabled toilet facilities adjacent to the Main Hall.

Do you provide a PA system?

No, there is no PA system in the building.

Can I cook in the kitchen?

No cooking is allowed, however, the reheating of food is permitted in the kitchen using the stove, microwave, and urns.

No outside cooking implements to be used in the hall at any time.

No naked flames, including candles are permitted.

Am I allowed to decorate the walls and the structure?

Yes, provided that all fixings are attached to the cup hooks provided.

Sticky tapes etc are not permitted.

Helium balloons are allowed providing they are removed at the end of the event.

How much noise an I allowed to make?

The hall is in a local neighbourhood area. Therefore, we do not want hirers who are going to disturb our neighbours.

Noise and music are to be kept to moderate levels and contained inside the hall by keeping the front door closed.

Hirers are required to be considerate toward our neighbours when returning to their cars or accessing taxis.

Am I required to remove my rubbish?

Yes, you are required to remove all rubbish from the premises to the wheelie bins located outside each hall.

No rubbish is to be left on the kerb side. We recommend you bring a few sturdy garbage bags with you.

Please note, if the hall bins are full do not use the bowls club bins, take excess rubbish away with you.

Tell me about the Lower Hall

The lower hall is a 1960s addition and has a large serving area and kitchen space with dishwasher, oven, sink and urn.

There is a dance barre along one side of the hall.

The front main entrance has steps and a ramp leading to the door.

The side door next to the driveway can be used for unloading if needed.